Above all, WIBAT APPLIQUE means COMFORT

    • Quick and easy installation
    • Press a single button and all your shutters close
    • With WIBAT APPLIQUE, you can stop the shutters in half-open position
    • In a new construction or a renovation, WIBAT APPLIQUE means you can
      keep your existing shutters and is suitable for all types of swinging shutters.
    • Presence simulation when combined with a timer (option)
    • WIBAT APPLIQUE fits on single and double shutters
    • Available with wireless and wired remote control
    • French product, individually tested and with a 5-year warranty
    • Stay out of bad weather – No more morning and evening chore!
    • WIBAT APPLIQUE opens your shutters without the need to open your
      windows, significantly reducing heat loss!
    • Now you can reach those inaccessible shutters (e.g. worktop, bath tub)
    • WIBAT APPLIQUE is equipped with obstacle detection to ensure personal safety: when there is an obstacle, the shutter returns to its initial position.
    • Capacity per panel: uo to 50 kg., 1,6m2
    • Panel width: 400-800 mm.
    • Motor type: arm drives
    • Supply voltage: 230 V AC or 24 V DC