WIBAT means comfort, safety and savings.
    No visible motor control, no unsightly arm, just a single hinge pin per shutter, controlled electrically, so you can open and close your shutters in a few seconds!

    • Open your shutters without needing to open your windows
      (significantly reduces heat loss)
    • Thanks to WIBAT you can now reach those inaccessible shutters (e.g. worktop, bath tub)
    • Regular and smooth opening, more comfortable and long-lasting, which you can adjust to the required opening angle.
    • 100% French, WIBAT is individually tested and comes with a 5-year warranty at no additional cost
    • WIBAT is equipped with obstacle detection for personal safety
    • Capacity per panel 50 kg & 1.6 m² max.
    • Panel thickness 30 cm min. 80 cm max.
    • Motor type: motorized hinge pin
    • Supply voltage 24 V DC
    • Motorized opening