VIRTUS is the first sliding system on our market for showcases and shop windows that uses overhead cranes with rollers bearing both at the bottom and at the top. Thanks to this, the door made of glass or any other material slide easily and quietly! The system is symmetrical. A discreet small lock without any elements protruding beyond the system profile, which is part of the set, can be mounted at the top or at the bottom. As you wish. And the profile structure is anti-burglary. The special design of the overhead cranes, where the rollers are on eccentrics, enables the vertical position of the door to be adjusted (up or down), up to 5 mm! As standard, we offer two colors of profiles: anodized silver and brushed black anodized. But if you want, you can choose any color from a wide range of colors on special request. All this for the best price in relation to the quality and richness of the contents of the entire set.

    Max. height of the door with fittings: 1.2 m
    Max. width: 1 m
    Glass thickness: 5 mm
    System depth: 27 mm
    Door height adjustment: 5 mm

    Kit composition:
    214-641 – anodized aluminum track 1 m x 2
    214-642 – anodized aluminum sliding table 1.1 m x 2
    215-230-bearing roller 8 312-001 profile end cap for the lock x 2
    312-002 – profile end cap without lock x 6
    312-003 – Front end cap for the lock x 1
    312-004 – Rear Lock Cap x 1
    362-040 – glass gasket x 2
    372-177 – Key with lock insert x 1
    921-038 – Allen key x 1
    921-039 – Allen key x 1